Deezer Add To Smart TV Music Streaming App Line-Up

Subscription-based music service Deezer has revealed a planned partnership with a new range of smart TV manufacturers (including Samsung and Toshiba), as a means of delivering their music streaming content to TV owners via an official app, available on all ‘post-2011′ sets from the companies involved (with market restrictions applying in some cases).

DeezerSaid to be looking to take advantage of the high global interest in the new form of television, the Deezer platform offers over 20 million tracks to view, and will offer all subscribers who download the app a chance to have ‘instant access’ to their already-established favorite songs, playlists, and ‘Deezer recommendations’.

The French-based website and app that are similar in concept to Spotify and Rdio, also offer services to non-subscribers in ‘discovery mode’, offering access to thousands of themed and artist-based ‘radio channels’, along with full browsing capability of the Deezer catalog featuring 30-second preview snippets of each of the 20 million tracks.

South Korean company LG was the first to take on the app to their smart TV range, and are now expanding their partnership with Deezer to a more global range, as ‘Smart Business Centre’ senior vice-president Richard Choi noted of the developments: “We are providing our customers with a new on-demand content service that enables browsing, sharing, organizing and, of course, listening to songs from a huge range of international artists. LG was the first company to integrate Deezer – a service already available for PCs, tablets and smartphones – in its Smart TV lineup. Going forward, LG and Deezer will continue to explore ways to deliver innovative music experiences on Smart TVs and other media platforms.”

Deezer CEO Axel Dauchez claimed: “We are committed to delivering a music revolution. Deezer is already available directly via a number of hi-fis and in-car entertainment systems – and of course on most smartphones, tablets and PCs – but we believe that putting Deezer at the heart of the TV experience marks the next innovation for music. For many of us, the living room is the heart of the home, and we want Deezer to be a part of that.”

Deezer UK & Ireland marketing director Mark Foster summarized: “Deezer’s partnership with these three leading TV manufacturers brings us one step closer to breaking down barriers to music around the world and making it more accessible than ever to enjoy music legally – people can listen to Deezer anywhere, at anytime, on any device.”

While looking to appease their range of 3 million existing subscribers worldwide (in over 180 countries and territories, and have been recorded as listening to an average of 60 hours’ worth of music per month), Deezer will be looking to add to their user base with expansion to smart TV across Europe and worldwide, but with high levels of competition in the music streaming market, will they be able to pull it off?

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