Court Forces UK Internet Providers To Block Piracy Sites

Court orders the top UK ISP’s to shut down more file sharing sites as the movie industry ramps up pressure to kill easy access piracy sites.

A high court judge has told the largest internet service providers (ISP’s) in the UK to act on piracy sites by blocking customers access to them. The ruling was handed to providers BT, Virgin Media, Sky, O2, EE and TalkTalk.

online-piracyThey have until the end of this month to block access to websites that provide torrent information and downloads for movies and TV shows. The websites include Project Free TV, Watchfreemovies, Yify-Torrents, Primewire and Vodly.

The websites are all popular destinations for users seeking illegal downloads, and will all be censored as the movie industry turns the screw on broadband users illegally downloading content.

Blocking sites in the UK has become easy for the copyright holders as the ISP’s put up no resistance to torrent shut-down requests.  Virgin Media have said they will block the sites requested along with SolarMovie and TubePlus which were part of another High Court order. Speaking to TorrentFreak, Virgin Media said, “We obey court orders when addressed to the company.”

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