Are Cord Cutters Winning? TV Ownership Drops For The First Time Ever

As sure as night follows day, throughout history TV ownership has risen, until now. According to Nielsens Television Audience report, the number of homes in the US with a TV set has dropped for the first time since records began.

Are we falling out of love with the TV set?

It may not surprise some, when you consider the massive growth of streaming media through, not just TV sets, but also smartphones, tablets and computers, but this proof of the rise of cord cutting will shred TV manufacturers and network owners nerves all the same.

During the year 2011 around 115.9 million households owned a television set, that will change in 2012 when the number is expected to drop to around 114.7 million. That drop that equates to 1% may seem small, but it will be the first ever drop since the 70’s when Nielsen started measuring TV demographics and trends.

The study also found that homes without a TV set at all is at 3%, which is the highest number since 1975. It seems that the US have evolved from loving the television, to loving the internet instead.

One big concern for TV networks wis that the prime audience aged 18-49 is falling the quickest as they move to alternative platforms. Nielsen said, “While Nielsen data demonstrates that consumers are viewing more video content across all platforms – rather than replacing one medium with another – a small subset of younger, urban consumers seem to be going without paid TV subscriptions for the time being.”

The increase in popularity of new connected hardware and streaming websites such as Hulu and Netflix mean viewers are becoming accustomed to watch content at a time they want rather than being dictated to by the TV.

The study confirmed the death of the VCR, previously owned by the majority of the population (90%), but now down to 57% of homes. But even it’s replacement, the DVD is also expected to fall in numbers in 2012. Down from 88% to 85%, which proves that maybe the cord cutters are winning after all.


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  3. Whatajoke
    Whatajoke December 4, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    1%? 3%? And you think that makes cord-cutting a big fat WIN. ARE YOU COMPLETLY STUPID?? Wow, and we call cable executives idiots.

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