Consumer Interest In Big Screen Smart TVs Doubles Says Survey

Since connected, or Smart televisions were introduced, consumer interest has been disappointing with many failing to accept the new technology. But the tide appears to be changing as US buyers want to be connected.

Smart TV getting more desirable

Smart TV getting more desirable

The survey carried out by IHS Screen Digest spoke to US consumers who were planning on buying a new TV during the next year. 31% of respondents said they would buy an Internet-connected TV. This compares to just 18% in the same survey 12 months ago, or almost double the number.

Those who thought 3DTV was dead can also think again. Almost 19% of respondents also had plans to get a 3D enabled TV at the same time, this compared to just 7% in the previous 12 months.

The biggest draw for viewers though, remains the big screen. 48% of respondents want to watch content on a larger screen, with 36% saying they want 50 inches or above.

Speaking about the survey for IHS, Veronica Thayer, systems analyst said, “Features most commonly found on high-end TV models and bigger screen-size sets, like 3D and Internet-connectivity, are becoming more important to U.S. consumers.”

The attraction of watching internet content on a smart TV still outweighs the attraction of three dimensions though. Although both are getting more popular IHS say that, “The appeal of 3DTV remains far lower than that of Internet-enabled sets.”

Lowering prices are encouraging new buyers, and unsurprisingly price is the biggest factor when looking for a new TV. 53% said that the cost of a set made or broke the deal. The survey follows a recent IHS survey that showed, by 2015 half of all TV sets sold will be connected.

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