Connected TV In Germany Gets More Popular

In statistics that run fairly parallel to those from another part of the market seen in the Netherlands recently, it was found that the TV industry in Germany is fast becoming entirely connected, with the latest figures showing that 58% of all new sets sold in the country in 2013 have online capabilities.

bitkom_logoExpected to rise to 70% by the end of the year, the figure representing a majority of buyers will be seen as a vast increase on the average of 47% recorded during 2012.

The research performed for BITKOM via market research company GfK found that almost one in three German households (30%) currently contained a smart TV set. Meanwhile, it was found that aside from new TV sets, 10% of German people use smart TV devices for the same goal, 8% connect via an internet-connected Blu-ray player, while 5% do so via a games console.

BITKOM consumer electronics expert Michael Schidlack said of the findings: “For the majority of the buyers network connectivity on the TV is now just as important as is is for the computer. Smart TVs make the audience independent of the programme broadcast because they offer push-button access to various online services such as the libraries of TV channels. Devices with online access are increasingly in demand. This way people with  older televisions can also access online services. Moreover, many of these devices can be connected to a smartphone or tablet and can play media from these wirelessly.”

Having shown a trend which is more and more prevalent every single day around the world, are Germany one of the frontrunners in the elusive race to have every TV in the market able to display content from the internet?

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