Concert TV Brings On-Demand Music To Youview

UK Broadband provider and one of the founders of the Youview IPTV project, have announced the launch of Concert TV. The service which can be accessed from your Youview box gives full access to music concerts from £4.00.

concert-tv-talktalkThe payment gives on-demand music from a variety of bands for a 48 hour period. Concerts available at launch include Blur: Parklive, Gorillaz: Demon Days Live, Coldplay: Live 2003, Robbie Williams: Live at the Albert and Radiohead: The Astoria London Live.

In a dig at the recent shambolic London concert of Justin Bieber, Tristia Clarke, Commercial Director of TalkTalk said, “Music fans have recently been short changed by artists turning up to stage hours late for performances.”

Naughty Justin. But Tristia explains that On-Demand cuts out temperamental pop stars, ” With Concert TV the stars are available to watch when you want them”.

Concert TV can be accessed by TV Plus customers using the TalkTalk Player.Read full Press Release below:-

TalkTalk brings Kylie to your living room with the launch of Concert TV

25 March 2013 – TalkTalk has extended the range of On Demand content on its YouView box by launching a brand new channel, Concert TV. The channel, available to all TV Plus customers via the TalkTalk Player, is dedicated to delivering the most exhilarating live music concerts from some of the best internationally acclaimed bands and artists.

Fans from every generation and of every musical genre will be able to watch full length concerts for a one off rental cost of £4.00 for a 48 hour period – more than enough time to rock out, relax and relive some of the all-time greatest performances.

Tristia Clarke, Commercial Director TalkTalk said: “Music fans have recently been short changed by artists turning up to stage hours late for performances.  With Concert TV the stars are available to watch when you want them”.

Lovers of pop music can enjoy super-diva Kylie Minogue’s Showgirl tour from 2005 featuring all her greatest hits, hot pants and spectacular set design.

Fans of Robbie Williams’ Swing When Your Winning album featuring 50s swing and vintage classics can enjoy his much acclaimed concert Live at the Albert.

Rockers can tune in to see Starsailor’s Love is Here Live tour featuring clips from promotional videos and some short documentaries showing the band’s life on the road.

Both Blur’s ParkLive and Live at Hyde Park tours are available on the channel, with the Hyde Park performance marking the band’s triumphant comeback in 2009.

Radiohead fans can watch the band take the stage as part of The Astoria London Live concert, performing 17 live songs including many first time performances.

Coldplay’s Live 2003 concert is taken from their Rush of Blood to the Head tour, giving a glimpse of Coldplay during their early days before their meteoric rise to stardom.

Dance music aficionados will be able to watch Depeche Mode perform their Touring the Angel set live in Milan – often considered to be the group’s finest tour.

Concerts available at launch include:

Blur: Parklive
All the People…. Blur: Live at Hyde Park
Gorillaz: Demon Days Live
Coldplay: Live 2003
Kylie Minogue: Showgirl – The Greatest Hits Tour
Robbie Williams: Live at the Albert
Radiohead: The Astoria London Live
Depeche Mode: Touring the Angel – Live in Milan
Starsailor: Love Is Here Live
Marillion: Live From Loreley

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