Comcast Launch Biggest TV Catch-Up Event In History

Get ready for a marathon streaming session as Comcast are about to launch what they say will be the, “Biggest TV Catch-Up Event In History”, which is a big claim. Is it justified? You betcha, the company as part of the “Watchathon” Xfinity TV promotion, will make available to subscribers, it’s entire programming library.

Get ready to binge

Get ready to binge

This means that subscribers will get to have a streaming marathon during the week March 25-31. You will need all of that week, and more – if you want to plough through the 3,375 hours of content comprising 100 TV series of 3,500 episodes.

The content can be streamed by any Comcast subscriber with an active Xfinity account, “regardless of commitment level”. If you’re eligible, you can stream on a number of devices from a standard PC, mobile phone and tablets via the Xfinity app.

The shows available include full seasons of hit shows from cable and TV networks such as Starz, HBO, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC and Showtime. Shows will include full seasons of Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Spartacus, Mad Men, Revolution, and The Walking Dead amongst others.

The initiative comes as Netflix tempt viewers online by offering full seasons to binge on. And once the promotion ends Comcast say they will offer a “Catch-Up of the Week” for Xfinity offering full seasons of a, “different, hit TV series each week.”

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