Comcast Gain Rights To Stream CBS Content Online

CBS content coming online

CBS, the biggest network on US TV has announced a deal with Comcast allowing the cable giant to stream online via TV Everywhere. The deal which is for a ten year period came as CBS also announced it was in discussions with Hulu, to make its content available on Hulu.

The CBS content would be available tonly for subscribers of Hulu Plus, the pay to view tv on demand service costing $9 monthly.

“Are we having discussions with the Hulu subscription service? Yes we are,” confirmed CBS Chief Executive, Les Moonves, in an interview. “Our goal is to get paid for our content in as many different ways as we can without hurting the mother ship. The key here is flexibility.”

CBS have been looking for additional revenue streams as they are seen as being too dependent on advertising by Wall Street, and Chief Executive Leslie Moonves has been aggressively trying to develop a strong subscription business for the network. “This is a secure revenue stream,” Moonves said in an interview, adding that it will help CBS weather the cyclical nature of the advertising business.

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