Comcast Drop Data Useage Cap. But Is It Thanks To Netflix Row?

Great news for Comcast subscribers as the company ditch the 250-gigabyte monthly data usage cap that applied to broadband customers, and was a major hurdle for those that enjoyed watching online video.

Comcast cut data useage caps

However those wondering if the move was connected to complaints from Netflix, Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen said in a call announcing the cut, “This is not the call to debate about the cap. It’s not a call about Netflix, we just didn’t like the message we were sending to our customers by telling them we have a 250-gigabyte cap. We want to send a signal to our customers that our network is robust.”

There was much publicity in April over the comments made by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who accused Comcast of unfair data capping as they did not impose the cap for their own streaming services Streampix and the Xfinity app, but they did for other video services like Netflix or Hulu.

But Cohen says that Netflix is not the reason for losing the cap, he said, “Sometimes the reason a company gives you for doing something really is the reason they’re doing it. The headline on this story should be that we’re getting rid of the cap. There is no more cap.”

He also said that most subscribers to the largest US cable company, never got near to using the 250GB of data every month anyway. But he said that Comcast were constantly evaluating patterns of use as streaming becomes more mainstream, and they didn’t want subscribers to worry about limitations.

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