CollegeHumour Dora Parody Becomes Webseries

YouTube brand and comedy website CollegeHumor are well-known for their range of videos and series, but one of the most notable in the past year has been their attempt to give a ‘gritty reboot’ to famed bi-lingual children’s educational cartoon Dora the Explorer.

dora_ignitesThe original video from July 2012, starring Ariel Winter as the titular ‘thief’ (“she prefers the term… ‘explorer'”), has amassed over 13.5m views to date and has been lauded by viewers for its nostalgic references and satire on the easily-mockable format. So much so, that some viewers made the obvious suggestion of wanting to see the trailer being turned into a full movie.

The channel appear to have listened to popular demand, and while a feature film would probably be out of the question for a site specialising in short clips, a web-based miniseries (first announced in the trailer below) will be seen as a fair compromise for those that wanted to see more, as a new 3-part mini-series launched its first episode this week on the CollegeHumor website.

Beginning with its opening 3-minute episode earlier this week, Dora the Explorer and the Destiny Medallion will release the remaining segments over the following two Tuesdays (26 March & 2 April), and while it remains to be seen whether the joke can successfuly expand from a one-off ‘trailer’, plenty of people should still be able to get a good laugh out of it for the next few weeks…

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