Cisco Videoscape Brings Internet TV From The Cloud

The Cisco Videoscape IPTV system has been given cloud-based functions, enabling service providers to offer video streaming from the cloud. Cisco released details of a number of new Videoscape products, they say they will power ‘video in the cloud’ experiences for users, giving a “consistent look-and-feel across devices.”

Videoscape now brings video from the cloud

The Videoscape system was launched a year ago at the CES, and was billed as “both an experience and a solution, purpose-built for delivering and reinventing the next generation of TV experience. Together we will bring , entertainment, social media and communications and mobility together to transform how users engage with video.”

Cisco announced the new features of the Videoscape suite that include ActiveVideo Networks CloudTV network-based interactive TV software, enabling service providers to deliver apps and features to legacy set-top devices. Other software includes Voyager Vantage, software connecting to the cloud for video-on-demand and interactive program guides amongst other features.

Cisco say that, “With this new technology, service providers can offer complete ‘any screen TV’ capabilities that deliver live video and on-demand video experiences not only to PCs and Macs, but also across iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.”

They also announced that, “several major video service providers, including Rogers Communications of Canada, YES of Israel and Numéricable of France, have selected Videoscape to deliver their next-generation video services.”

More details on the CloudTV platform here.

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