Chrome Users Can Start Searching For Google Now Cards On TV Content

In an attempt to enhance the second screen experience for TV viewers, Google have launched an update to the way that notifications on ‘Google Now’ are presented on the Android operating system and the Chrome web browser, with the service now offering information on the TV show a user is watching, as well as sales offers that they have previously showing interest in.

google_cards_wanterIt marks the first time that users on the two mediums are able to connect Google Now to a Google server, whilst providing the personalisation of selecting the ‘Google apps’ that a user wants to feature on the notifications service, with the intention of focusing on those categories to provide ‘smart searching’, by having answers or solutions ready before they are requested, based on a user’s preferences and history.

On the TV and ‘offers’ feature updates to the flash card-based service, Google provided a full description in their announcement via Google+, explaining: “TV Cards: If you have an internet-connected TV, Google Now can help unlock more information about what you’re watching. Just connect your Android device to the same network that your TV is on and tap “Listen for a TV show” in Google Now.

“We will show you information, like where you’ve seen an actor in the cast before, or more information about the people mentioned in the show. So if you were watching Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon this weekend, with Google Now, you could learn that the “King of the Wire” in fact holds seven Guinness World Records, including highest bike ride on a high-wire. Google Offers: Now you can get reminders for your saved offers when you’re near the store — right when you need it. Google Now will pull up the offer so you can use it quickly and easily.”

With Google’s newest speed-searching also becoming a potentially useful second-screen tool for audiences and advertisers alike, could Google Now become the most notable force in each of these sub-industries through a less ‘traditional’ method than those previously established?

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