Chris Lilley Reveals Return For Ja’mie In New Comedy Series

Developing a new mockumentary comedy series which is set to be warmly received in Australia on ABC (and in the UK (BBC3) and USA (HBO), where his work has gained cult following), comedian Chris Lilley has revealed the subject of his fourth TV show in the genre – a return for what many of his fans believe to be his greatest creation, Ja’mie King.

chris_lilley_ja'mie_kingAfter working on similar series We Can Be Heroes, Summer Heights High, and Angry Boys, 38-year-old Lilley will make his new show centred around a lead character of the first two, with spoiled private school student Ja’mie King featuring in inventively titled series Ja’mie: Private School Girl.

Over its 6-episode run, Private School Girl will follow the life of Ja’mie as she takes part in her final year at the Hillford Girls Grammar School, returning from Summer Heights High, and experiencing ‘a series of life-changing events’ during her final weeks of education.

Lilley said of his character, which he portrays in drag: “I find teenage girls endlessly funny. So being able to write for and play the meanest bitch in school has been so fun. I can’t wait to show everyone what Ja’mie’s been up to.”

Lilley will work on the series with Princess Pictures alongside ABC TV and HBO for a release date ‘later this year’, with BBC Three also due to receive the show to air before 2013 is complete.

The creator and star of the mockumentaries had previously said of his latest project: “It’s along the same lines as my other shows, it’s a mockumentary style and I’ll play the characters. I want to keep as much of the show as possible a secret, but if you’ve loved my last three shows, this is part four.”

While he is fond of re-using popular characters, none appear to be more popular than Ja’mie, with her third appearance as a character in Lilley’s shows set to be her most prominent yet. With her name in the title, will Ja’mie manage to see Lilley critically acclaimed for a fourth time? An introduction to the character, along with highlights from another of her actor’s on-screen cross-dressing experiences, can be seen below:


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