Cee Lo Green And Mariah Carey Performing For NBC Christmas Special

While NBC is enjoying a resurgence in the fall season ratings they are looking at the stars of their most popular show, The Voice, to help drive home those high ratings into the Winter months. Both Cee Lo Green, and strangely, Mariah Carey will be performing on NBC’s popular “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” show. Why strange for Carey’s addition? She begins her own voice-competition judging job in January for FOX’s “American Idol.”

Regardless, fans of both mega-stars will be in for a treat when they perform at the 15th Annual “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” celebration, which showcases the lighting of the Christmas tree in New York City.

Mariah, who has been in a heated battle with American Idol producers and new fellow judge Nicki Minaj, looks to break away from the media speculation and drama with an appearance on a competing network. Producer’s claim that everything will be fine with Nicki and Mariah when the camera’s start rolling for the newest season of American Idol this January–however many television analysts believe the new season will provide many exciting and dramatic moments next year.

Meanwhile NBC’s “The Voice” dominates the ratings nearly every night it broadcasts, which has caused a resurgence in the ratings for the once down-on-its-luck network. NBC is hoping the inclusion of Cee Lo will bring “The Voice” fans along for the ride for the Christmas special. The popular Christmas show will also features stars such as Rod Steward, Trace Adkins, Victoria Justice, and former “Voice” contestant Chris Mann.

Billy Crystal and Bettle Midler are expected to make special appearances on the special, while Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker from the “Today” show will co-host the Christmas television special starting at 8 PM on November 28th.

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