Catch-Up TV Responsible For One-Fifth Of UK Viewing

A new ‘census’ taken by combined TV platform YouView has suggested that ‘catch-up’ and ‘on-demand’ TV services are responsible for one-fifth of British television consumption.

youview_promoThe study, conducted by specialists YouGov on YouView’s behalf, found that an average of 9 hours’ worth of DVR/PVR recordings occur each week, while 6 hours of on-demand platforms are clocked up, around 20% of the 31 hours in total for an average viewer.

This figure appears to fluctuate with age, however, as users in the ’18-24′ age demographic experienced a weekly average of 9 hours of catch-up viewing (almost a third of their weekly total TV consumption), while parents of viewers aged under 16 estimated ‘at least seven’ hours on-demand per week from their children.

Surveying 2,000 people in the first-ever run of the YouView Census, 77% reported their main TV set as the ‘primary source’ of household content consumption, but that on average a home held ‘four different devices’ that can broadcast programming. Of these, it was found that computers (used as a source by 57% of respondents), tablet computers (25%), and games consoles (14%) were the most popular ‘alternative platforms’ used in a home.

Meanwhile, a review of the personal recording element of the study found that for the ‘9 hours’ saved to a DVR hard drive per week, an average of ’10 programmes’ were responsible, with 4 of those recordings being deleted without being seen. Least likely to be retained in such decisions are entertainment programmes (36% of which are deleted without being viewed), and documentaries and movies (both 32%). During a review of ‘subscription TV services’, YouView discovered that average spend has also increased per consumer, rising by around 40% across the past 5 years to £29.89 per month, while 23% of households are noted as spending over £50 each month for additional TV services.

YouView head of marketing Steve Conway summarised: “Television is a huge part of British life, but we know the way people view it is changing beyond all recognition. What is becoming important to TV fans is being able to watch what they want, whenever they want it and this research supports that. Among 18-24 year olds, 37% said the ability to watch on-demand TV was very important, compared to a quarter nationally, and as a nation we are craving more and more time with our favourite programmes, on our own terms. YouView seamlessly integrates live and on-demand TV on your television, and the results of this survey are interesting, as it shows a quarter questioned are now watching more TV than five years ago, and more than three quarters watch television content on their TV.”

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