Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Warner Bros Shows Comes To Netflix

The distribution partnerships continue for perennial video-streaming service Netflix. On Monday the company announced that it had scored a brand new deal to secure Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and additional Time Warner content for streaming over its service beginning this year. The deal, which appears to be a sweetened streaming distribution agreement with Time Warner–a network and studio that has been leery about selling its content to subscription services like Netflix.

netflix-cartoon-networkThe news comes shortly after Netflix announced that it would be partnering up with Time Warner to bring popular Warner Bros produces television shows to the streaming service. Those shows included the likes of “The West Wing” and “Fringe,” along with many more. Now Netflix will add the complete catalog of shows from Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros.

Beginning at the end of March, subscribers in the United States will have access to Cartoon Network shows like “Johnny Bravo” and “Adventure Time.” Both “Aqua Team Hunger Force” and “Robot Chicken” will be coming to the streaming network as well, as a part of the Adult Swim lineup. The Warner Bros. Animation series, “Green Lantern” will also be available for streaming. The new “Dallas,” which airs on TNT will be coming to the streaming network as well, albeit not until January of 2014–and the show will be exclusive to Netflix.

Monday’s news came as a surprise to some analysts, as Time Warner has been a staunch opponent of streaming services like Netflix–even going as far as partnering with Comcast in 2009 to create their own streaming service called TV Everywhere. Now the company feels that having additional avenues for access to their content is paramount to their new strategy.

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