Carlsberg Offer Beers Of Friendship In Prank Advert Campaign

Danish company Carlsberg are one of the best-known beer brands in the world, but like many businesses it never hurts to earn themselves a little extra publicity, achieved recently here through the medium of ‘prank adverts’, perhaps taking inspiration from the success that TNT (in Belgium & Holland) and Qualcomm (in America) have enjoyed with the formula in the past 12 months.

carlsberg_poker_problemThe hidden-camera stunt is shown as a ‘test of friendship’, with a group of men (who are in on the joke) based in a Chinese poker den, and having to phone their best friends between 1-5am, claiming that they are in trouble in the game and need someone to bring €300 to save them.

Although a few choose not to come out to rescue their friend, the ones that do arrive at the building as instructed are met with a number of off-putting underground scenes such as bare-knuckle fights and dangerous street cooking. After making it to the poker room and laying down the money, however, the committed best friends are greeted with a more pleasant surprise – the back wall dropping to reveal a crowd of cheering viewers and the revelation that it was all a set-up from Carlsberg. Hopefully they like beer…

A week on from its initial launch (on Tuesday 12 March), the 3-minute clip has a viewcount of over 1.7m, and your chance to add to that number is below. Will such a campaign increase Carlsberg’s reputation beyond what it already is, or is their best bet still in sponsoring sports tournaments?

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