BT Bring British Museum On-Demand With New Channel

With telecommunications specialists BT are continuing to expand the presence of their BT Vision service in the UK’s TV market, they are set to receive the assistance of one of the most notable public institutions in the region for their latest collaboration, after a deal with the British Museum for a new ‘video on-demand channel’ was confirmed.

The channel, which is the first of its kind for the London (England)-based museum founded in 1753, will provide internet-powered films, documentaries (long and short-form), and lectures from the institution, with the network coming at ‘no extra cost’ to BT Vision subscribers regardless of package.

Current confirmed content include documentaries covering a range of subjects, with Journeys of Faith, Stories of the WorldGreat Leaders, Shakespeare, and Contemporary Artists likely to headline a number of series-based releases. The channel is also planning to include numerous regular ‘lectures’, films, and virtual tours of the museum relating to current exhibitions, while content will not be exclusive to the BT Vision customer base, as videos are confirmed as being aired across a dedicated website, social media promotions, and the British Museum’s official YouTube channel.

The British Museum’s ‘director of public engagement’ Joanna Mackle said of the developments: “This is a really exciting collaboration. BT Vision is a wonderful way to widen access to some fascinating documentaries from the British Museum. We are keen to share our content freely and as widely to allow as many people as possible access to the collections and the wonderful stories it tells. Viewers will be able to stay up to the minute with current programmes by watching lectures and films linked to our popular exhibitions.”

BT Vision’s chief executive Marc Watson summarised of the ‘privilege’ to form ties with the institution: “Our customers can visit the museum without leaving their armchairs and see captivating stories of humanity, from civilisations which disappeared thousands of years ago to the world we live in today.”

The channel, like the building it is set to be named after, will realistically be able to contain content covering all reaches of the world and its history, but will the institution’s ‘Best of British’ link-up be a successful one?

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