Britains Got Talent Winners Set To Become Main Attraction In Las Vegas

While heavily overshadowed in the final of the ITV competition by someone who wasn’t even competing, Britain’s Got Talent winners Attraction have left enough of an impression to warrant high interest in their act, with the pinnacle of regular entertainment reportedly beckoning.

attraction_shadow_theatreThe 8-member Hungarian ‘shadow dance act’, the first non-British performers to win the open show, are being offered $1.8m (£1.2m, HUF409m) for a three-month residency contract in Las Vegas (USA) as a headlining act.

Having enjoyed a victory over 10 other acts in the final, the Budapest-based favourites for the competition had won over the British public with their emotional performances behind the canvas, in spite of controversy over whether or not they should be ‘allowed’ in the region’s leading TV talent show.

Britain’s Got Talent creator Simon Cowell was not of that opinion, having been supportive of their participation throughout, regarding it proof that the show welcomes talent from all corners of the world. An insider for the show had added of how the group transcends all nationality-based barriers, stating: “Attraction has universal appeal because it doesn’t matter what language the audience speak. The stories they tell are ones everyone can relate to so they are perfect for tourists.”

The news surrounding Attraction’s potential booking seemingly confirms stories about Cowell’s plans for the group, with a headlining show that could ‘rival Cirque du Soleil’ being the top of his priorities, having already overseen an (ongoing) attempt at transatlantic success by dancing dog act ‘Ashleigh & Pudsey’, the Britain’s Got Talent winners in season 6.

Joining their £250,000 cash prize and a place in the Royal Variety Performance on 16 November, Attraction could have their most financially lucrative prize still to come, even if they won’t be the richest performers on the Vegas block. Still, their success is proof that something as trivial as a TV talent show should be open to anyone who is good enough, or entertaining enough, regardless of nationality:

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