Breaking Bad Fans Better Call Netflix For Streaming Options

While the highly-successful closure of Breaking Bad is now fading into the distance, one place where it can always be relived on-demand for the foreseeable future will be Netflix, and it is a process that looks like it will continue for a while longer still, as the show’s upcoming spinoff Better Call Saul is set to stream in ‘Europe and Latin America’ for Netflix subscribers as the official source of the AMC-premiered show.

better_call_saul_advertThat arrangement will see users in the relevant territories able to view new episodes of the first series of the Bob Odenkirk-led format a matter of days after its premiere on AMC in the USA in 2014. Netflix in the US and Canada, meanwhile, will due to local broadcasting rights only be able to access all episodes of Better Call Saul‘s first season once AMC have aired the season finale on cable TV.

Speaking first of the move and continuation of their partnership with the Breaking Bad franchise was Netflix’s ‘chief content officer’ Ted Sarandos, who stated: “Breaking Bad is widely recognised as one of the great TV experiences in this new golden age of television. It has also proven very popular with Netflix subscribers around the world. This spin-off promises to continue its tradition of powerful storytelling. We are proud to be in business with Sony Pictures Television to bring Saul Goodman to our subscribers around the world.”

Steve Mosko, the president of Sony Pictures Television, summarised: “Coming off of the overwhelming success of Breaking Bad, we’re excited to continue our collaboration with Vince, as well as Peter Gould, and that fans around the world will be able to embrace Saul.”

Co-created by Breaking Bad‘s visionary Vince Gilligan and featuring Odenkirk reprising his role as the supporting character of ‘Saul Goodman’ (a ‘mall-based super lawyer’) in a backstory format, will Netflix’s support provide a strong reach for the new show to gain a steady fanbase in its formative moments (if their ‘connections’ haven’t already done so)?

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