Breaking Bad Create Latino Remake

Hit crime drama Breaking Bad has been lined up for a Spanish-language remake in the Latin America region, with Sony Pictures Television teaming up with Univision to create ‘Metastasis‘.

breaking_badThe original AMC show’s leading character ‘Walter White’ will be directly replaced and not-too subtly named ‘Walter Blanco’ (Diego Trujillo), alongside the supporting character of ‘Jesse’ (Aaron Paul) becoming ‘Jose’ (Robert Urbina). Continuing the slight name-change trend, the character of Walter’s brother-in-law ‘Hank Schrader’ (Dean Norris) will become Colombian narcotics agent ‘Henry Navarro’ (Julian Arango), while away from keeping the names the same, Walter’s original wife ‘Marie Schrader’ (Betsy Brandt) will now be ‘Cielo’, portrayed by Sandra Reyes.

Sony Pictures Television representative Angelica Guerra summarised of their new production: “Critics and audiences love Breaking Bad and its original take on the drug-dealing business. It is a very relevant story for all audiences, produced with the highest standards, in spectacular locations with the best talent in the region.”

SPT’s Latin American ‘senior vice-president of distribution’ Alex Marin summarised: “Metastasis is masterfully complex and irresistibly compelling. We are sure the show can bring the audiences and acclaim garnered by the US series to broadcasters in Latin America.”

Having enjoyed 5 seasons and 54 episodes on the American cable network since 2008 (and arguably the second-most famous show on the station in that time, only below The Walking Dead), 7-time Emmy winners Breaking Bad will be concluding its story after a final 8-episode run starting in August, but can the remake in Spanish enjoy similar acclaim?

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