Boss Says Litigation Will Mean The End Of Aereo

Internet TV start-up Aereo, who were pretty much stopped by a lawsuit before they began, have said that and extended litigation against them will mean the end of the company.

Aereo could be gone before it's begun

The Aereo system The service lets viewers have access to both live and On-Demand content from the major US TV networks including NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, PBS and CW, along with around 20 local TV channels.

The system retransmits the original signal to computers and a number of connected devices for a $12 monthly fee, and also acts as a cloud based DVR running from Aereo’s servers. The signal is received by subscribers by way of small antennas.

Those same networks have brought the copyright infringement lawsuit against Aereo, accusing them of illegaly copying and retransmitting their content via the web. If they get the preliminary injunction sthey are asking for, then Aereo, will be toast.

Aereo have dismissed the argument and claim they are just providing a perfectly legal TV platform and have even issues a counter lawsuit, but if they lose the case then CEO, Chaitanya Kanojia says it, “would be the end of the company.”

Kanojia also accussed the networks of ambushing them even though they new what was happening. He said, “I did this the right way. We were public about what were building.”

But rather than make their objections prior to launch, thenetworks decided to, “lie in wait until we exposed ourselves and then sued us,” said Kanojia. He did concede though, that the company new a lawsuit was likely, and they had set funds aside ready for the case.

Any adverse decision against the TV networks will have a profound effect on TV viewing, revenues and retransmission costs. So the betting is that they won’t lose.

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