Blockbuster Reveal e-Magazine To Remain

Movie rental chain Blockbuster, who even had a recent South Park episode (perhaps unfairly) joke about their complete lack of relevance in a market containing instant streaming companies such as Netflix, are at least attempting to rectify the situation a little in the UK region, as they release a free digital ‘monthly magazine’ that they hope through interactivity will become a popular way for readers to get in touch with more ‘traditional’ ways of renting films.

The tablet computer magazine, which will be available monthly for free on iPad, Android, and Amazon Kindle (downloadable through the App Store, Google Play, and Kindle Store, respectively), is seen as Blockbuster’s first attempt at digital publishing, with their releases of basic text features set to run alongside more platform-specific items such as embedded trailers and interactive content, as well as exclusive video content and direct links to purchasing or renting movies/games from the Blockbuster website.

A promotional article of the magazine on that website reads: “Delivered free every month to the device in your hands, BLOCKBUSTER MAGAZINE clues you in regarding the biggest and brightest new films, shows and games with side orders of gossip, laughs and schmooze. For news, reviews, interviews and previews of everything you want to watch and play, accompanied by stacks of interactive fun, exclusive releases and champion offers, download now at absolutely no cost to your good self – ever – and let the games begin!”

Topics set to be covered in ‘Blockbuster Magazine’ look to include the usual ‘movie mag’ blend of new cinematic and DVD/Blu-ray releases along with a section for video games, although internally the headlining feature of the e-publication will undoubtedly be the links to buy or rent content, with the option of being able to pre-order featured movies that are not yet released with ‘Click & Collect’.

Stating their aim to be ‘the biggest digital movie and game magazine in the UK’, Blockbuster head of online operations Malachi Simons summarised the magazine, stating: “2012 has definitely been the year of the tablet and we’re very proud of our new digital magazine. We believe that this is one of the best free magazines on the market and a great way for customers to stay up to date with the latest movies, games and trailers – there are over 50 titles featured in issue 1 alone. We believe it delivers content in an exciting and visually impressive style which will continue to develop over the coming issues. Our aim is to deliver the biggest digital movie and game magazine in the UK.”

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