Belgian Network TNT Go For Same Button, More Drama

Sequels to movies usually advertise themselves as bigger, longer, more action-packed, and more epic than the original (even if many spectacularly fail to live up to that hype), and it appears as though the same principle applies to an advertising campaign, as Belgian-based Turner-owned network TNT have launched the second part to their viral ‘push the button’ campaign on a selection of unsuspecting Dutch people.

tnt_button_part2The ‘Push button to add drama’ campaign (which in its original outing received 42m views and became YouTube’s 6th-most popular video clip of 2012) promotes the Turner Benelux range of channels, with the newest version being a TNT cable channel to serve the Netherlands, taking on the same ‘town square’ random button concept as before.

Some people in the ‘somewhere’ town (reported to be Dordrecht), presumably unaware of what had happened in the neighbouring country less than a year ago, went ahead and pressed, with the resulting action containing plenty of explosions, fights, and slow-mo…

The new advert from TNT, alongside its popular predecessor, can be seen below:

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