Bear Grylls Battersea Power Station In London Launch Event

After a temporary absence from TV screens, survivalist TV star Bear Grylls has literally put himself back in the spotlight this week with a stunt promoting newest show Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell (a.k.a. Ultimate Survival).

bear_grylls_escape_from_hellThe move in question was an abseil down the famed Battersea Power Station building in London (England), performed on Wednesday (25 September) whilst flames were being projected in his direction. Onlookers not in the know, however (due to being on the other side of the building not watching the event), mistook it as the historic location suffering from a fire, with firefighters called to the landmark.

However, once the forces arrived at the scene, they were able to detect and clarify that it was only a rehearsed stunt in operation, made all the more apparent when Grylls could be seen at a closer distance that it was merely a controlled promotion for the new Discovery Channel series. A report on the event can be viewed below.

A fire brigade spokesman said of the incident: “We were called at 7.50pm. We attended and as soon as we got there we realised it wasn’t an incident for us. We take every call seriously.”

Premiering on Discovery Channel UK on 7 October at 9pm, Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell will be a series seeing Man vs. Wild star Grylls heading to deadly natural locations around the world whilst telling stories of real-life survivors and victims of difficult scenarios in similar settings (with themed segment-based episodes such as ‘jungle’ and ‘mountains’, amongst others), explaining the methods used and what could have been done better.

Discovery’s blurb on the new show notes: “In a brand new series, ‘Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell’, the world renowned adventurer and survival expert reveals the true life stories of ordinary people trapped in extraordinary situations of survival.”


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