BBC iPlayer Requests Gets A Big Boost From The World Cup

The BBC’s Regular monthly performance statistics show that the World Cup 2010 delivered a nice boost to both live and catch-up TV on the BBC iPlayer for June 2010.

The BBC iPlayer received 86 million requests for TV programming across all platforms, i.e. PCs, mobile, games machines other devices, plus requests from Virgin Media TV.

On-demand services made up the vast majority of TV programme requests but it was driven by the World Cup coverage although, June saw a big increase in live TV viewing on the BBC iPlayer, up 4 points to 14% of all requests. Yet despite the boost given by The World Cup (which had record online viewing figures), over the month the total figure was below that recorded back in May 2010 but, it revealed the BBC, is still significantly higher than for June 2009.

It also shows the last three programmes in the Doctor Who Season were the biggest requested programme for the month by some lead, and the finale grabbing 1.32 million viewing requests. There was also strong demand was also for the inaugural Junior Apprentice, and new BBC3 content such as Lee Nelson, Peckham Finishing School and Mongrels and the England v Slovenia World Cup match.

And the analyses also showed that in the month the BBC iPlayer was used for TV at roughly the same time of day as normal TV viewing, although there was more daytime and late-peak use.

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