BBC Go In With A Bang 7 Years Running

The BBC, in their role as national public broadcaster for the UK region, are the first choice for live broadcasting of a number of major events, including the annual full-on fireworks display over London (England) otherwise known as New Year Live.

bbc_new_year_live_londonThe year 2012 has been a great one in a number of fields, but the 365 days are now up, meaning it is the time of year again for another show to roll in the next 12 months. While the city’s firework budget will hopefully not have been all used up on events over the summer, there will be hopes that New Year Live 2013 can provide a spectacular end to the year of broadcasting, or technically, a beginning.

So, adding more fireworks than Canadian online cooking show Epic Meal Time adds bacon strips, below is a look the previous London benchmarks that the 2013 show had to try and surpass, with the BBC’s collection of filmed festivities from the past 6 years, enough to give you a full hour’s fill of explosive celebrations, and a late addi. As an additional treat, relive the best of YouTube in 2012 with another chance to see their home-made compilation video, “Rewind YouTube Style”:

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