BBC Comedy Pilots To Debut On iPlayer First

The iPlayer catch-up TV service is to exclusively debut a series of comedy pilot shows commissioned by the BBC3 channel, as a test for which shows will get the green light for a full season.

iplayer-comedyEarlier this year the BBC announced they would be creating unique online content, and announced six short films coming to the iPlayer service, marking the first time the online service has debuted original full length content. The shorts are a joint effort between BBC 3 along with BBC Drama.

The comedy pilots coming are being used as a vehicle to showcase new talent and include a show called Bamboo, about 2 posh ididots setting up a nightclub Kerry and The Cariad Show, both sketch shows, puppet show Fuzzbox, a moc-umentary called Going Native, C Bomb, about the South Yorkshire dubstep scene, comedy show Nick Helm’s Heavy Entertainment and The Committee, about a Welsh social club

The BBC has also announced it will debut a new Peter Kay-starring comedy series called Car Share on the iPlayer service before broadcast TV.

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