Bri-Wi Drinks To Viral Impact With Snoop Newsreader Rap

There’s so much drama in the NBC, both on and off of the TV screen, but luckily they have a little comedy to help restore some balance, the kind of comedy that sees them take their own footage and turn it into a viral joke.

brian_williams_gin_and_juiceMost of those jokes can be found through their leading late-night programme The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where amongst a number of regular features the host has run an occasional segment where he has gradually created an unintentional rap superstar in the form of NBC newsreader Brian Williams, through the power of a backing track and strenuous editing.

This week, fans of ‘Bri-Wi’ would be pleased to see twice the dose of their presenter, who has embraced his new calling and appeared as a guest on Fallon’s show a day after his latest video was premiered.

The latest segment of “Brian Williams Raps”, aired at the start of this week, is noted as being one of the series’ longest, as he handles the opening minute of 1994 Snoop Dogg track “Gin and Juice”, incredibly composed of points in 5 years’ worth of archives in which he said the words in the lyrics, even including two more of his crew for a synchronised chorus.

The real star of this unusual combination is the editing team behind it, but the faces that made it popular would meet the day after Williams appeared as one of Fallon’s guests, complaining over his lack of input on the productions with song requests for future ones, but telling stories of his promotion to fame within the hip-hop community since the show’s bizarre trend started.

The videos in full of Williams’ most recent performance and his interview can be seen below, either side of a comparison to the real thing:

While it remains to be seen whether his music can have a similar infectious effect on Bri-Wi, it would be a lot to live up to, as Snoop Dogg is one of those people who can remain effortlessly cool whatever he puts his hand to:

Apple Hint At New HQ While Samsung Receive More Vicious Cycle

Another part of the company that has been rumored for quite a while now, Apple’s planned new headquarters seems to be drawing closer to reality, and drawing a perfect circle on their ambitious designs.

apple_loop_circular_hqThe rounded project being proposed is for their planned ‘Campus 2′ building, located in the same Californian town as before (Cupertino (USA)), but with more of a technological and eco-friendly edge.

While Apple’s commitment to premium quality and prices to match has seen a number of their designs now commonly seen in everyday life, one will be one-of-a-kind, with new video footage outlining exactly what their design team (led by architect Norman Foster) want to see from their future new base, tipped to open in 2016.

The video reveals opinions from the team preparing the Campus 2 plans including Foster’s revelations that he was hand-picked by the late Steve Jobs for the architectural… job.

The concept models revealed also show off the unique features that won’t be as immediately visible as it’s shape, with an estimated 80% of the site in question set to be the interior ‘green space’ seen in the picture, complete with its own ‘native trees’ that complete a building designed to have no ‘net increase’ in greenhouse gas emissions, on what some might and probably will call a technicality considering the garden is not part of the construction itself.

In what is quite a turnaround for a company previously adorned with protesting ‘black cloud’ balloons, the outside of the building will be constructed entirely from ‘hand-crafted material’ whilst placing solar panels in numerous places.

While their commitment to environmental concerns in these areas will be applauded by almost all, the way they go about it can just as easily cause eye-rolling as well amongst others, especially if you are Samsung, who were on the receiving end of a full-page advertisement showcasing a field of solar panels complete with the attempted burn line “There are some things we want every company to copy,” a reference of course to the ongoing patent debates Apple are engaged in with Samsung.

But at the same time, Apple also announced a ‘free recycling programme’ within their stores starting on Earth Day yesterday (22 April), and pledged an increase in their ‘commitment to renewable energy’, so the world can’t be too mad at their provocation tactics…

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HBO Go Ads Address Issue Of TV Embarassment

As far as marketing campaigns go, the main goal of promoting your product or service should be to genuinely relate to a target market and then use that as a building block towards promoting why what you are offering is useful.

hbo_go_awkward_momentsAnd it appears clear that HBO have identified a target market for their latest efforts in promoting the HBO Go streaming platform… teenagers. Although the HBO Go service is one that is available for free exclusively for any HBO premium cable subscriber, it appears as though they have felt the need to remind that demographic that such an option is already out there if they haven’t already seen it on their alternative viewing platforms.

Luckily, said adverts take a premise that many young viewers are probably thinking when they are caught up in similar situations.

The seven short commercials made by HBO showcase the awkward scenarios that can occur when a family watch their network together on the only TV in the house carrying the channel, using popular programming including Game of Thrones, Girls, True Blood, True Detective, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, in particular the parts containing subject matter you would rather hear on your own as a younger viewer than have parents chipping in with their opinions.

With the common tagline of being able to watch “Far, far away from your parents,” will the HBO Go commercials help to make teenager’s bedrooms an even more ‘sacred’ and restrictive location? All seven of them can be seen below:


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Google Glass Home Trials Commence

The development of Google Glass continues to press on towards an eventual and long-awaited public release after reportedly initiating its next step, with a public trial release that is… private.

google_glass_previewThe trial launched by Google is believed to be one which will allow potential customers of their ‘wearable technology’ headset to practice their skills on a ‘dummy version’ of the upcoming product, though limiting the scheme to within the user’s own homes. And by ‘skills’, Google would in this context probably mean ‘the ability to wear something over one eye’.

Under the unusual initiative, the internet search engine giants are believed to be distributing upon request to any user a made-for-the-moment model of sample headset, designed primarily as physical placeholders that let customers get a feel for the device through touch, holding, and wearing, matching the specifications size-wise (and aesthetically, in offering all four primary colour schemes plus ‘Titanium Edition’ dummies) for the planned end product.

The key components that the test versions will not have, though, is function or power, with 9to5Google reporting that the sets will arrive at a user’s home with no charge and ‘deactivated USB ports’ to prevent any power from getting through.

Available only for American users, the trial is noted as being free for participation for anyone who applies, albeit with a required $50 ‘card hold’ deposit until the safe return of a unit dispatched. Even if that money would be returned, it would be a real statement of commitment to the product and/or technology industry for anyone who takes part in the trial to either ‘test wear’ or ‘try on’ the product months in advance of having a functioning version…

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Apple CarPlay Enters Pioneering Motion-Multimedia Phase

The technological developments within Apple for their own-brand products may have slowed in recent times, but they have gained a new foothold in a different market, after a recent deal was confirmed with car dashboard manufacturers Pioneer Corporation to provide ‘Apple CarPlay’ support to their products.

apple_carplayThe ‘dashboard multimedia systems technology’ from Pioneer will be enhanced by Apple’s developed ‘in-car technology’ on no less than five of the former’s product range (AVIC-F60DAB, AVIC-F860BT, AVIC-F960BT,  AVIC-F960DAB, and the AVH-X8600BT) through a new firmware update.

The additions, marketed by Apple as bringing the ‘iPhone experience to your dashboard’, will be of ‘CarPlay support’ that provides ‘additional navigation’ and ‘embedded entertainment options’ for vehicles that carry a Pioneer model of hardware.

Users carrying an iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, or iPhone 5C (the compatible models listed for CarPlay) will be able to bring up synchronised services including phone calls, Apple Maps, iTunes, and Siri via vocal commands whilst driving.

While the official deal will help Apple gain some form of key presence in the other kind of ‘smart car’ market, is this another area in which Google Android (complete with Glass to look through the glass) will soon be able to drive in on?

Mike Haseler, head or products for Pioneer, summarised his company’s recent deal, stating: “Pioneer’s years of expertise integrating smartphone connectivity into the automotive environment has provided us the opportunity to be among the first to offer CarPlay to drivers. By providing an aftermarket option, Pioneer’s 2014 in-dash multimedia systems give many iPhone owners the ability to add CarPlay to their current vehicles.”

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iView And iPlayer Passed The Puck For New Series With Netflix-Style Premiere

After dressing up as the opposite gender and over two decades younger in order to fulfill his single character-based spin-off series Ja’mie: Private School Girl, 39-year-old Australian comedian Chris Lilley won’t be going in drag to revive another of his most popular creations from sketch show Summer Heights High – but will increase the age gap in a series more groundbreaking than most other clues would suggest.

jonah_from_tongaWhile popular characters or concepts of TV shows are often brought back into something of their own, Lilley’s new single-season comedy series Jonah From Tonga is doing the same, but with a twist that could help pave the way for other shows to gain momentum in online broadcasting.

The series, formally announced at the end of Ja’mie’s run, will continue Lilley’s collaboration with partner networks ABC, BBC, and HBO, though the former two will most notably not be screening first on their traditional channels (ABC1 in Australia and BBC3 in the UK), but instead through the networks’ respective online catch-up platforms.

The ABC iView and BBC iPlayer will both participate in a trial of the 6-episode series (in which lead character ‘Jonah Takalua’, having been expelled from Summer Heights High, is sent to a new school in order to ‘get his life back on track’), where all episodes are introduced at the same time in a similar manner to Netflix’s original programming.

However, even more uniquely than Netflix, the opportunity to ‘binge view’ will be in a specific window of time only, closing after 48 hours of its launch on Friday 2 May. For those that don’t have 3 of those hours free to go through the whole series, the TV debut of Jonah in its more traditional ‘linear’ weekly schedule will occur on 7 & 8 May for Australia and the UK (with details on HBO’s American premiere unconfirmed), where iView and iPlayer will start providing more normalised catch-up options from that point.

Laura Waters, a representative of production company Princess Pictures, noted: “Jonah from Tonga is a thrilling series, coming out in the most thrilling era of television. Chris and I will always put the fan’s experience first. We’re so excited that people can choose their own way of getting involved with Jonah.”

BBC iPlayer’s head of TV content Victoria Jaye added: “This is BBC iPlayer’s first collaboration with an international broadcaster to create an online TV event. For 48 hours only, iPlayer audiences will be given access to all episodes of Chris Lilley’s new comedy series Jonah from Tonga. We’re excited to see how this digital event sets light to social media activity from fans both here and on the other side of the world.”

Arul Baskaran, ABC’s head of online and multiplatform, summarised: “We’re firm believers in innovation and improving how technology can deliver outstanding Australian content to audiences no matter where they’re watching, and we’re thrilled to now offer binge viewing of a highly anticipated show from one of Australia’s most respected comedic talents.”

A teaser trailer for Jonah From Tonga can be seen below, as can another controversial occasion in which Chris Lilley portrayed a non-Australian.

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