Apples Tim Cook Denies Claims of Expensive Products

When your company is suffering a slight downturn in performance, the best thing to do is usually to promote the products being sold ahead of a potentially busy sales period, which is what Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has looked to do, though using the ironic selling point of ‘low cost’ for an Apple product (when competing items are as much as half the price) may not be the best way to go about it.

While many believe that low-cost Android-based tablet computers (such as the Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire product lines) could be strong competition for the iPad this Christmas, Cook remains adamant that Apple’s long-standing quality is easily worth the higher prices, which he claims not to be ‘expensive’ options considering what the consumer receives in return.

Cook said of the most recent addition to Apple’s upmarket portfolio, the iPad mini: “A great product doesn’t mean an expensive product. It means a fair price. The iPad mini is all the way down to $329. This isn’t an expensive product. What we wouldn’t do is say, ‘We’ve got to have something for this price, and then let’s see what we can do for it’.”

He also argued that end usage suggested it was the iPad products that are actually used much more often than Android tablets, as he also called the new hybrid Microsoft Surface product and patent rival Samsung Galaxy Tab product lines (amongst others) devices that ‘steer away from simplicity’ through the fact that there are so many non-Apple products attempting to gain a foothold, noting of his company’s prowess in the market: “Certainly the data that I’m seeing suggests – and this is all third-party data – that over 90% of the Web-browsing traffic from tablets are from iPad. Since these statistics do not correlate with unit sales, it suggests to me that the iPad user experience is so far above the competition. The iPad has become a part of their lives, instead of a product that they buy and place in a drawer.”

While every business has a right to brag about their best elements, and Apple certainly have plenty to call upon, will the American giant’s air of superiority just set them up for an even bigger fall should the claimed ‘inferior products’ start to chip away further at Apple’s market stranglehold?


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