Apples Patents Win Dutch Decision Over Samsung

Another day, and the world is still no closer to learning whether it is Apple or Samsung that are in the right over their patent dispute, after a court ruling in Holland gave Apple a new addition to their tally of ‘wins’ over their South Korean rivals.

While a lesser-profile separate case in the country cleared Samsung of charges by Apple, the decision, based on a case similar to the ones that have already occurred in markets such as the respective home countries of the technology giants (with respective wins for the companies on their ‘home court’), Japan (a narrow Samsung victory), and the UK (an Apple victory later annulled and forcing the American company to list an apology message on their website), though the latest decision in a European country will be one for Apple to use in their flawed ‘no stealing’ arguments.

The Dutch verdict (which can be viewed in full here if you can understand the language) will also be a key advantage to Apple financially following their highly profitable American case, after Samsung were hit with a sales injunction on Dutch territory that applies to all ‘older’ Galaxy tablets and smartphone products, the forced publication of disclosing the profits made by all ‘offending products’ since June 2012, and a daily fine (payable to Apple) of  €100,000 ($130,000, £81,000) for every day they continue to violate the sales injunction.

Judge Peter Blok, who presided over the case in The Hague (Holland), said of any potential appeal against the punishment: “The argument raised by Samsung at the hearing that Samsung Benelux does not sell the infringing products any more, cannot lead to a rejection of the ban.”

The case is another ‘decision’ in a long line of battles between the pair spanning over 10 territories, and the deadlock between the two (with a slight advantage to Apple given their financial winnings ordered so far) is likely to continue with another appeal from Samsung.

While it is probably no longer worth keeping track, Apple’s victory in Holland was decided due to Samsung’s infringement on an Apple patent for a feature involving ‘scrolling through images using a touchscreen’, which as far as selling points of smartphones go seems to be up there with the ’rounded rectangle shape’. Oh wait…

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