Apple Sourcing Ultra HD TV Panel Suppliers For Smart TV?

Apple and the so heavily rumored it’s almost mythical, smart TV set could have come a step closer to reality as they are said to be seeking a supplier for those difficult to source 4K Ultra HD TV panels.

Apple-ultrahd-4kThe supplier in question is said to be LG and according to a Digitimes report, Apple are in discussions with LG about supplying large size (55-65 inch) TV screens. The rumor also says that Apple are in talks with Taiwanese manufacturer Sharp as well.

The obvious conclusion to draw from these new rumors is that the screens will not be for a new larger iPad, but in fact for a smart TV possibly called iTV or iPanel (take your pick or add some of your own).

There has been much speculation of an Apple iTV and the tech giant would obviously want to release a groundbreaking (and very expensive) product. A 4K spec TV would fit that bill although the lack of Ultra HD content may be an issue and would buyers pay thousands for such a TV?

Is the Ultra LCD panel story true? It could well be, but if it is you can bet that an Apple smart TV is not coming anytime soon. So lets park this rumor with all the others until another one comes along.

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