Apple Prepare TV Revamp Alongside iOS7 Roll-Out

Amidst the many ‘new’ sights that Apple fans will be able to see appear from their favourite company next week will be , but a product that provides a more traditional means of ‘seeing’ content-wise will not be left out, with Apple TV scheduled to make a revitalized appearance next Tuesday with a new update.

apple_tv_logoThe software update, planned for a release on 18 September alongside the iOS 7 mobile operating system being unleashed on Apple mobile device users, will presumably see the usual ‘variety of new features’ included, though the only confirmed one so far is the opportunity to view ‘iTunes-purchased content’ via another person’s television via iCloud functionality, whilst support for Apple’s new ‘iTunes Radio’ platform and Bluetooth 4.0. are amongst selling points that have been implied and/or rumored for the new software.

However, this amongst any other features the service may have will be nowhere near the most notable item on Apple’s busy agenda next week, with the release of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C smartphones, along with the operating system that will now become company standard and the new iTunes Radio service, all taking precedence at their press event this week (with even the latter two getting very little unique  ‘stage time’), and as such will see the rollout of the new version of Apple TV fall fairly under the radar unless you are a user of that platform.

Despite that low-key stance, though, there could be bigger things in prospect for the company’s TV efforts by next month, after it was revealed that they are intending to launch a new piece of Apple TV hardware next month, and that while both a smart TV set and a ‘new set-top box’ are currently ‘in development’ (but with no official comment on either matter), a new product in the latter is naturally the most likely option to occur, but with a month and a half to go until release, will Apple be able to get their followers excited about such a product in time ahead of hitting shelves?

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