Apple Make Double The Profits Of The Entire PC Industry

Despite the recent industry belief that American technology giant Apple are on a decline when it comes to interest in their products, though figures taken from their recent end-of-year financial report have led analysers to compare the results with that of rival corporations, and discovered that the iPad maker’s profits are twice that of the entire PC industry.

While figures from main and traditional operating system rivals Microsoft do not seem to be included in the head-to-head, it is marked down that Apple’s market performance of $41.9b profit across the past 12 months is over twice that of the $19.4b collectively earned by PC powerhouses including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, and, Lenovo.

The company’s strong showing was also marked as $7b more than the cumulative total made by the dominant internet forces of Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!.

In addition, Apple are also close to quadruple the efforts of rival smartphone manufactuers, with HTC, Nokia, RIM, and Samsung together making just $12.8b in comparison to Apple, while the least connection with Apple will come from the 4th-placed ‘media’ market, which earned $19.3b from the profits of industry giants Comcast, Disney, News Corp, Time Warner, and Viacom.

Meanwhile, Apple were also confirmed as making $156.5b in revenue for the fiscal year 2012, but will the strong figures provide the stepping stone for Apple’s financial tree to grow further over the next four quarters, or will a rot begin with their all-important ‘brand power’ having been taken down a few pegs recently?

Image courtesy of Statista.

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