Apple In Connected TV Movie Streaming Negotiations With EPIX

Apple have long been rumoured to be making an Apple Branded Internet TV set, and they are now said to be in negotiations with movie studios to secure content for the much anticipated device, that could be with us this year.

EPIX movies coming to new Apple connected TV?

A report by Reuters says that Apple are in talks to stream movies from the EPIX stable (EPIX are jointly owned by MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment Corp and Viacom’s Paramount Pictures), to stream on the Apple TV box and also the upcoming Apple smart TV.

Discussions on streaming rights are said to have begun earlier this year, and if a deal is made there will be plenty of top movies on offer such as Rango, Thor and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

To further complicate things, Epix have an existing ‘exclusive’ streaming deal with Netflix which comes to an end in September of this year, so no announcements are expected until nearer that time.

The much-awaited Apple TV (which could be called iPanel)set is expected to be a revelation in TV viewing and make just as much of an impact as the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The TV rumours got ramped up when the late Steve Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson that he had “cracked connected TV” and was working on a new TV set.

We still have no firm details on the hardware, but the Apple TV is expected to have a simple user interface, use AirPlay for streaming media and possibly use Kinect style motion sensing, and Siri voice control.

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