Apple Hint At Cheap Plastic iPhone Alternative

One of the main arguments given when dismissing Apple’s lofty position in the connected device market is that their products are just too expensive compared to rivals, but it seems as though the American company could soon be planning to grace us with a ‘low-cost’ version of the iPhone this year.

apple-logo-fontAccording to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, Apple are planning a new edition of the smartphone that will be created with cheaper material, namely ‘super-thin plastic casing mixed with glass fibre’.

This method is planned to create a product that while with the same screen size (4 inches), features, and layout, the materials used will make the iPhone 5 alternative ‘lighter, thinner and more affordable’ compared with the more notable item, which is constructed of aluminium and glass.

Kuo, believed to be a reliable source on Apple products based on previous predictions, claimed that the new item will be made available with ‘multiple colour options’, in a similar manner to the iPod Touch range.

While some details on the project remain sketchy (such as the implementation of a ‘Retina screen’), and in particular any price that would be put on the phone, it is not something that is generally associated with Apple, who have always maintained their distance from the market of ‘cheap products’, wanting to be seen as a premium company.

However, it is widely regarded that they need to keep pace with their rivals by making cheaper versions of their devices, however reluctant they appear to be. With the presence the Apple brand name already has in the technology market, some analysts have predicted a potential $11b revenue increase through a cheap iPhone release.

One area that will be vital to such predictions, though, is the actual price of such a product, with the rumoured changes of plastic materials and cheaper technology amongst the vague changes that would not have a clear impact on cost until release. It being Apple, though, it will probably only be the slightest possible decrease in the end…


  1. Udo
    Udo March 17, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Where is the “hint” from your headline?

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