Apple End App Store Name Dispute With Amazon

Fresh off the back of a 5th anniversary celebration of their flagship ‘App Store’, Apple have ended something related to that branch of the company that had been occurring for the last two years, a disagreement with digital rivals Amazon over the right to use the term ‘Appstore’.

amazon_appstore_wavePredictably, it was Apple who were the instigators of this argument, taking Amazon to court when they launched their own version, made primarily for the Amazon Kindle Fire budget tablet computer range (but also as a downloadable option for Android devices in general) in 2011, under the pretence that it ‘infringed their rights’.

Now though, it appears as if Apple have admitted defeat on this one, ending a two-year case that was scheduled to occur next month (August 2013), with it now being apparent that the wait has resolved nothing.

The decision from Apple to ‘abandon the case’ was confirmed by Amazon lawyer Martin Glick, with the court complying at the behest of both parties.

Apple said of their reasoning: “With more than 900,000 apps and 50 billion downloads, customers know where they can purchase their favourite apps. We no longer see a need to pursue our case against Amazon.”

Amazon added in a seemingly nonchalant statement: “We’re gratified that the court has conclusively dismissed this case. We look forward to continuing our focus on delivering the best possible Appstore experience to customers and developers.”

The cancellation follows suggestions by US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton that Apple had failed in proving Amazon to have made ‘false statements’ or conducted a ‘deception of customers’, and would seem as though if the case had made it to the courtroom, it would have been considered almost a non-starter considering the very specific and descriptive nature of the term ‘App Store’. The fact that Apple were even considering this case makes it as bad as the ’rounded rectangle’ incident with Samsung


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