Apple Call Outside Designers To Solve iWatch Engineering Problems

The new Apple smartwatch product also known as the iWatch appears to be having some problems, with a delayed release date and technical problems that their in-house team cannot solve.

apple-iwatchA report in the Financial Times, says that the technology giant needs fresh blood to solve the ‘hard engineering problems that they have not been able to solve’.

Apple are said to have started ‘hiring aggressively’ and are ‘seeking out acquisitions of early-stage start-ups working on connected devices.’

The problems must run pretty deep as the report says that Apple CEO, Tim Cook has even suggest the whole concept could be shelved if the problems remain unresolved.

The Apple iWatch is the much rumored wearable technology that is worn on the wrist and includes functions such as Bluetooth, texting, Facebook access and browsing the web.

The stories about the new device began last year after Chinese websites said that Apple was working with chip-maker Intel on a new product and images were released in March.

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