Apple Build Secret-Keeping Restaurant

Apple have revealed their intentions of both keeping their future product plans more secretive and encouraging creative discussion during break times by announcing the creation of their own restaurant close by their official headquarters (in Cupertino (USA)), as a means of keeping out anyone not directly associated with the company.

The company will tap into their vast funds to develop the proposed two-story building, which will include meeting rooms, lounge areas, a courtyard, and underground parking garage, as well as a signature restaurant, built with the sole intention that entry to the complex will only be permitted for Apple employees, unlike their other owned-and-operated restaurant in Cupertino (the Caffe Mac), which operates as a for-profit venture.

The move was given a boost recently, after a local planning commission approved the designs and project as a whole. Whilst in the building, Apple workers will be encouraged to be able to talk loudly and act more openly than they would in a normal restaurant, with no more fears that a reporter or member of public will overhear or see their plans for the company’s next big product.

Apple director or real estate facilities Dan Whisenhunt said of the proposals: “We like to provide a level of security so that people and employees can feel comfortable talking about their business, their research and whatever project they’re engineering without fear of competition sort of overhearing their conversations.”

While finer details over the operation of the restaurant (such as charging ‘customers’, and whether using the facilities will be mandatory) are currently unknown, Apple will hope that the plans can at least curb the level of potential ‘leaks’ of products, thought to be a sackable offence if it is serious enough.

With press and independent interest in products constantly at a very high rate, Apple are obviously aiming to avoid repeats of incidents such as technology website Gizmodo getting their hands on an iPhone 4 prototype pre-launch in 2010. Similar problems included rumours that an iPhone 4S prototype was lost in 2011 (and never recovered), while Adam Lashinsky book Inside Apple suggests that undercover Apple security officers found and fired employees for being overheard ‘discussing sensitive information’ in a public area (on or opposite Apple’s campus).

Despite the company going to extreme measures to prevent potential information leaks on their current and future projects, you can’t help that feel even the Apple-only restaurant will be breached one way or another…

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