Android Smartphone Sales Giving Apple A Beating 2

Around the world, Android phones are squeezing Apples iPhone sales as the Google owned operating system starts beating apple in sales numbers says a new report.

Android eating Apple's market share

In 2011 smartphones really got a grip on the market and Apple’s iPhone series kept the top spot, but the Android OS phones are gaining ground and beating it in some Countries.

Two reports out from market researcher comScore, “2012 Mobile Future in Focus” and a study by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech show that Android is getting a grip on the market and is set to take over in 2012, although Apple may have other ideas. Especially with the new iPhone 5 due out soon.

In the US the Android smartphones lead the market with 47.3% of the market, whilst the Apple’s iOS phones have 30% share.

Smartphone use around the globe has hit 42% of US residents owning a smartphone compared with 44% in Western Europe, (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain).

In the UK smartphone useage is now won by Android with 36.9% of the market, followed by Apple with 28.5%, next comes BlackBerry with 18.1% say Kantar.

The Comscore report also showed a surge in internet and app useage. Mobile media use such as web browsing, downloading apps and other content has passed the 50% mark in many Countries.

Back in December Google (makers of Android OS) CEO, Eric Schmidt said that that Android was ahead of iPhone now, and that the sheer volume of unit sales would bring app makers, users and manufacturers flocking to Android phones.

An Android vs Apple comparison is never really fair though as we are comparing one phone to a complete operating system available on a number of handsets. In fact, it is amazing that an OS adopted by so many of the worlds manufacturers is not already way out in front.

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