Android Claim 90% Of Chinese Smartphone Market

Google have revealed that despite Apple’s apparent dominance in the smartphone industry in the pair’s home turf of America, statistics coming out of the huge market of China reveal Android to have a staggering 90% presence in the handheld device market of the Asian nation as of the last quarter.

Reported by Beijing-based researchers Analysys International, the study reveals that Android have surged in popularity since Q2, going from 83% of the market in Q2 to 90.1%.

Meanwhile, Apple have experienced a decline in the study (which does not include the ‘fake brands’ that are sold in the country), posted as having just 4.2% penetration (down on the last quarter’s 6%, and believed to be a result of their consistently high prices in comparison to rivals, in some cases three times more expensive than an average Android), while Nokia’s Symbian OS, holding as much as 32% of the market in Q2 of 2011, is now on an ever-declining percentage that is now at 2.4%, representing a huge market decline for the Finnish company. Other minor percentages on the list are taken up by the operating systems of Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Linux, and local companies.

Industry blog Tech In Asia wrote of the findings from Analysys International: “The Analysys report is put together with smartphone sales and ownership figures, combined to reflect the state of the smartphone landscape in China. It shows Android’s amazing trajectory in the country, coming from a mere 58.2 percent share this time last year. A great deal of Android’s success is at the expense of Symbian and Nokia, with the creaky old mobile OS and lacklustre hardware crashing from 23.3 percent in 2011 Q3, to a one-foot-in-the-grave 2.4 percent now.”

While Apple are planning to continue their efforts to claw back the deficit with the Christmas-season Chinese launch of the iPhone 5, the pricing structure of iOS (and their past experiences with naming copyrights) will ensure that appealing to the Chinese market is a difficult business, so will Android (who’s parent company Google recently learned of falling behind local search engines in that market’s popularity), manage to make an increase on their incredibly-highly saturated share of the local smartphone industry?


  1. Jake
    Jake November 16, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    Mostly useless information without context. “Andtoid” comprises a vast range of devices and systems. Profit made on selling the devices? Internet use? Switching among Andriod brands? Switching to and from iOS? App use? etc.

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