Anchorman Promotion Turns Into Brick Joke On Daybreak

As with many comedy movies in recent times, plenty of the promotional interviews recently done regarding sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues have been performed entirely in-character, and while most of the headlines in this department are directed towards Will Ferrell and his titular character ‘Ron Burgundy’, supporting actor Steve Carell is still able to have his moment in the spotlight, with an appearance on ITV morning show Daybreak in the UK ending with a lesson in news presentation.

brick_tamland_channel_4Carell’s character, the intellectually-challenged weather reporter ‘Brick Tamland’, appeared on Daybreak recently to promote the upcoming film (released on 18 December in the USA), and decided to give existing presenter Laura Tobin some advice during a live report on fog in London (England) and the surrounding area.

This process began with some initial pre-report calming methods, but progressed to joining Tobin infront of the green screen to be educated himself.

How it played out having a unique guest reporter interfering with ITV’s weather update can be followed below, stay classy:

The best of ‘Brick’ in the first movie can be seen here:


As can a trailer for the sequel he is appearing in:

And Steve Carell’s other less-than-professional experience before a news camera:

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