American Idol No Longer Tops Advertiser’s Hit-List

A recent study from Ad Age has claimed that Fox singing contest American Idol has lost its illustrious position as ‘most expensive show’ for advertisers in America, with the episodes of the reality series’ 11th season claimed to have decreased in ad slot income since season 10.

While the show is planned for a high-profile relaunch in January with new judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban (to replace the departed Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler), and will be looking to pick up on declining ratings from the 11th season that will undoubtedly have contributed to the lessened interest from advertisers.

The popular series has recently had to deal with rumours that they created a fake sensationalised publicity stunt when recently filming auditions in Charlotte, with new judges Mariah and Nicki caught in a verbal spat which was leaked to YouTube (viewable below). Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe had brushed off those accusations, stating: “I have no idea why I would be doing it [for ratings] five months before the show went out. I would only do anything for ratings a month before the show went out. They [the media] have got my timing wrong.”

The statistics from Ad Age, meanwhile, will not show any indication of potential ‘improvement’ to the show until this time next year, though Idol could be expected to continue in the opposite direction with their current figures losing out to NBC’s NFL coverage (Sunday Night Football), after the pair were only $10,000 apart in the rankings last year (led by Idol).

Now, though, it is Sunday Night Football which leads the way in the table,  with the cost of a 30-second spot during coverage of a Sunday NFL game on the network priced at an average of $545,142 (£340,425), ahead of American Idol‘s highest average of $340,825 (£212,829), leaving a gap of over $200,000 against Idol and demonstrating a very sharp decline, although not enough to stop it from being the best non-sports programming in the list.

While Idol also filled 5th place in the list for their Thursday episodes (considered on the list as a separate entity to the Wednesday shows), the remainder of the list proves that the rest of the most high-profile advertising in the USA is aimed at people looking to have a laugh, with the rest of the top 10 filled by sitcoms (including Modern Family, and New Girl), and animated shows from Fox’s Animation Domination block (The Simpsons and Family Guy). The top 10 in full, and the value of a 30-second ad on them if you have the money and stature, can be seen below:

1: Sunday Night Football – $545,142
2: American Idol (Wednesday) – $340,825
3: Modern Family – $330,908
4: New Girl – $320,940
5: American Idol (Thursday) – $296,062
6: The Simpsons – $286,131
7: Family Guy – $276,690
8: The Big Bang Theory – $275,573
9: 2 Broke Girls – $269,235
10: Two and a Half Men – $247,261

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