‘American Digger’ Name Lawsuit Filed

“American Digger,” the show that once received headlines for its questionable reality TV premise is now coming under fire from a magazine of the same name–claiming the Spike TV reality series has infringed on the magazines trademark in addition to damaging the magazines reputation. This is not the first time the “American Digger” reality show starring former professional wrestler Ric Savage has been under fire.

When the show made its debut it drew the ire of anthropologists due to the premise of Savage and his team researching historical documents to find the locations of buried artifacts–which are then sold to collectors. Now a suit has been filed in Georgia by Greybird Publishing claims that Spike TV and parent company Viacom are using the American Diggers trademark without license or authorization.

The magazine, founded in 2004 by Anita and Grady R. Holcombe was created as “a magazine dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting and founded to promote the responsible excavation and recovery of artifacts related to America’s heritage, for enjoyment and historical significance,” the lawsuit outlines. The suit also states that when the show made its debut, the Holcombe’s reputation took a nose-dive.

They apparently received calls, emails and unfavorable comments on message boards around the world from hobbyists who were alarmed by the shows negative depiction of the metal-detecting hobby. The suit asks that the “American Digger” name be dropped from the show, and that actual and enhanced damages be paid. A spokesperson for Spike TV nor the “American Diggers” production show have commented.

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