American Dad Moves To TBS In Season After Next

After the at least temporary demise of The Cleveland Show this year, it seems as though Fox’s Animation Domination programming block will have taken another hit this time next year after the news that American Dad! (another of the three Seth MacFarlane shows that have aired together on the block for the past four seasons) will be taken off the network in 2014, although it is not the death of the series after TBS announced the purchase of the series in time for its 11th season.

american_dad_american_beefFor those episodes that will air in ‘late 2014′, the cable network will have first broadcasting rights to a 15-episode run that they have ordered, with sister channel Adult Swim recieving the rights to first encores after TBS’s initial broadcast.

The deal will add to the current arrangement, which sees both of those channels air American Dad! reruns after Fox’s broadcast, and will continue as normal for the next broadcast season (2013-14), with the rights still held by Fox for that year.

TBS programming chief Michael Wright said of the move: “American Dad! is a great fit for TBS, a favorite of comedy fans who like smart, irreverent humor with ample doses of biting wit and skewering satire. We look forward to welcoming Seth MacFarlane and the rest of his team as they bring this iconic show to TBS.”

20th Century Fox’s co-chairmen of TV Gary Newman & Dana Walden added: “American Dad! is a brilliantly inventive series, and TBS’s desire to platform new episodes demonstrates the enduring power of great and compelling content. Seth [MacFarlane], Mike [Barker] and Matt [Weitzman] have created an incredibly rich world of unique characters, and we couldn’t be happier that they will be able to continue to tell their trademark brand of subversive, hilarious stories to their millions of fans.”

American Dad!, which premiered in 2005, has currently lasted 9 seasons and 152 episodes on Fox, but is set to leave The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and upcoming series Murder Police as the remaining shows in the network’s animated programming block, as everything after its 11th season (which currently has an undecided length) is now due to broadcast on a different network, incase any readers didn’t get the message previously.

Unlike fellow Fox reject series Futurama (which is close to closing for good on Comedy Central this year), though, American Dad‘s run on the air will remain continuous, but will it be one that continues beyond its current deal given the TWC subsidiary network’s show of faith?

While the move is a surprising one given that American Dad is generally considered the highest-quality show to emerge from Seth MacFarlane’s stable (if not the most marketable), it is also the most O.T.T. of those animated series, and without Fox’s watchful eye over ‘network standards’ looming above them, American Dad‘s writers will have a much more free reign over the content they produce, with the ‘potential to offend’ having long-since been demonstrated on another cable network:

Of course, the same principle applies wherever in the world you may be…


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