AMC And Dish Reveal Settlement

The dispute between cable TV station AMC and satellite TV provider Dish Network is said to be over, as the pair reach an agreement which sees series such as The Walking Dead return to screens of Dish customers.

The original carriage issue between AMC Network (consisting of AMC, IFC, WE TV, and Sundance Channel) and their sister company Cablevision (cable TV providers in the US states of New York and Colorado) against Dish Network (over a ‘breach of contract’) has now ended, with the latter being made to pay up $700m to Cablevision (including an $80m purchase of a selection of Cablevision’s ‘multichannel TV and video distribution services’), and restore all AMC programming to Dish.

This includes the return of the main AMC station on Dish channel #131 effective immediately (covering flagship series including Breaking BadHell on Wheels, and Mad Men), while IFC, Sundance Channel and WE TV will make their comebacks on  resume on Thursday 1 November.

While this delay did not prevent Dish customers from being able to see The Walking Dead‘s new episodes (with AMC offering a livestream exclusively for Dish subscribers to watch new installments over the past few weeks), the network being ‘back to normal’ on the satellite provider will be a relief for people wanting more convenient access to their favourite zombie-survival drama.

The disagreement between AMC and Dish dates back to June, when the latter dropped the networks due to being unable to agree on a carriage fee, with AMC citing that it represented a ‘$2.4b breach of contract’.

Also recognised as a factor in the story was the initial case of Dish dropping AMC’s Voom HD channel (now defunct), though the main concern for AMC (and their 13% of users who access the channel through Dish) was the restoration of current services, which has now been achieved.

Dish’s senior vice-president for programming Dave Shull said of the dispute ending that the pair’s newly-made ‘multi-year agreement’ represents: “…fair value for both parties and includes digital expansion opportunities for AMC Networks’ programming.”

AMC’s president and CEO Josh Sapan summarised the revival of their channels to the Dish Network package, noting: “We are glad to partner again with Dish Network and are delighted to bring back our popular channels and programming to their customers.”

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  1. Gary Atkins
    Gary Atkins October 24, 2012 at 11:13 am

    AMC is now on Dish and this is great news.
    Get Dish Now at 888-743-5750 :)

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