Amazon Prime Video Watching Increasing Dramatically Says CFO

Members of Amazon Prime get free streaming included, and the use of that streaming is rising at a dramatic rate according to the Chief Financial Officer of Amazon.

Amazon-PrimeSpeaking to analysts, CFO Tom Szkutak said, “The percentage of Prime customers who are watching free content through Prime Video has gone up dramatically year-over-year.”

Szkutak also said that Prime member numbers were  increasing, and that customers were buying more digital movies and TV shows although he gave no figures saying, “I can’t give specifics for [consumer] attach rates, but the business is making progress on the video content side.”

Amazon have been securing online content deals in the streaming battle with Netflix and currently offer around 36,000 titles for Prime Instant Video subscribers. The service offers access to unlimited streaming to a selection of the Amazon Instant Video library, as well as access to thousands of kindle ebooks, and free shipping on products purchased from the Amazon store.

Szkutak also said that Amazon will continue securing content for their video-on-demand platforms saying, “You should expect that we will be spending more on content on Prime over time.”

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