Amazon Prime Streaming Attracts Over 16.5 Million Subscribers

The Amazon Prime service seems to be an attractive proposition to many, nearly 17 million in fact. The service which offers unlimited streaming of shows and movies (boosted by a new MGM deal), along with free shipping on Amazon shopping, is fast approaching 17 million members.

Amazon-PrimeThe data which comes from a survey of 300 respondents, carried out by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. They determined that the service has 16.7 million Amazon Prime members. They also revealed the average spend for Prime members is around $1,340 yearly, significantly more than non-Prime.

The numbers show a massive 60% rise since March this year when it was 10 million. Speaking in a statement, Mike Levin, Partner with CIRP said, “We’ve seen a significant increase over the estimated 9.7 million members at the end of 2012, from previous analysis of our survey data,”

It looks like the combo of free shipping with unlimited streaming for $79 per year is hitting the mark. as Levin continued, “93% of members indicate that they will definitely or probably renew their Amazon Prime membership, so these figures suggest strong, sustainable growth.”

The spike in members could be something to do with Amazon raising their free shipping minimum order to $35 from the previous $25. And the amazing popularity of the Kindle Fire is also fueling the explosion of Prime members.

The survey also showed that Prime members are also shopping much more frequently (50%) than non-members and in the US account for 56% of all sales.

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