Amazon Love Disney Films With New Lovefilm Instant Deal

Seeming to act almost in response to Netflix’s confirmation of signing original children’s content from DreamWorks (around 300 hours’ worth), Amazon’s LoveFilm Instant service in the UK will be broadcasting Disney movie content aimed primarily at a younger audience, as a new deal with the American studio was announced yesterday.

dumbo_artThe titles featured in the deal range from classic cartoon movies to modern Pixar greats, and a range of genres inbetween, with Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianDumbo, Lady and the Tramp, Ratatouille, Sword in the Stone, and Wall-E amongst the launch films of the new arrangement, although other movies are believed to be set to follow in the near future.

Disney Media Distribution senior vice-president/general manager Catherine Powell said of the deal: “We always aim to offer families the best possible selection of Disney movies when, where and how they want it. Working with LoveFilm, I’m delighted we can provide their customers with a superb range of movie entertainment and a great viewing experience.”

Adding to the publicly-released comments on the matter was LoveFilm’s ‘chief marketing officer’ Simon Morris, who summarised: “Disney is renowned for creating world famous, quality family entertainment that parents can trust; from the earliest animations to modern classics. We are thrilled to enhance our relationship with the launch of Disney Movies on Demand, and even more excited about bringing our members so much new content in the process.”

With the deal marking another area of new Disney presence in the UK market (alongside their dedicated movie channel on satellite broadcaster Sky), one of the world’s most iconic film brands will now be available through desktop and connected devices via Amazon’s LoveFilm service, but how much (if any) benefit can the platform gain over market leaders Netflix by featuring such content?


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