Amazon Link Up With Paramount For Movie Streams

Amazon Prime have taken on another licenced content provider for their online movie streaming service, with Paramount’s best features now available on the digital streaming branch of the popular online retailer.

In a deal said to be making ‘hundreds’ of Paramount titles available for Prime subscribers on Amazon, with their online instant streaming catalogue in the USA now set to rise above 17,000 pieces of content (TV shows and movies) by 2015, with Paramount’s introduction of content, like many others, set to be drawn out (in this case, over the course of three years) as opposed to being uploaded to the service ‘all at once’.

A statement on the deal from Amazon ‘digital video content acquisition director’ Brad Beale read: “We are continuing to invest in building a vast selection for Prime Instant Video and are excited to bring Prime customers some of the most renowned and popular films in cinema history under this new agreement with Paramount. This deal will bring Prime Instant Video customers hundreds of new movies to enjoy on their Kindle Fire or any device connected to Amazon Instant Video, including titles such as Star Trek, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Top Gun, The Italian Job and The Truman Show, and we will remain committed to adding even more great movies and TV shows to Prime Instant Video in the future.”

With another provider now added to their portfolio of content partnerships, will Amazon Prime’s unique service (which also includes free retail shipping and Kindle book downloads in the subscribtion package) continue to develop as a genuine challenger to Netflix, or do they still need to bring in a lot more high-profile content to their potential customers?

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